Year 7 Transition

From the Headteacher, Barry Doherty

We are really looking forward to your children joining us in September and we do not wish to wait until then to help them feel settled and confident about that transition. This page sets out some of the ways that we hope to get to know one another in the weeks and months between now and the start of the autumn term, as well as providing some valuable resources. 

Our values. Our house system

As I am sure you are aware, your children will be placed into one of four houses: Windrush, Glyme, Stour and Evenlode (named after local rivers that converge in Chipping Norton). Each house is attached to a local charity, but also to one of the four values.

Transition resources

To help all of our future Year 7 students feel more at home when they join us, we have put together a collection of taster lessons. We know that moving up to secondary school can be a big step and hope that by participating in this project you will feel like you have met our teachers before they become familiar faces. We hope you enjoy this introduction to our way of teaching and have fun completing some of the challenges that we have set. To find out more, please click on our introductory video.

Taster lessons (more to come very soon)

Computing Transition Lesson with Mrs Faulker

For this lesson you will need a printed copy of this resource and a pen.

English Transition Lesson with Mr Gent

For this lesson you will need a printed copy of slides 15 and 27 of this resource. You will also need a partner to work with for the performed reading.

Art Transition Lesson with Mrs Corley

The information you need for this lesson can be found on this pdf. The additional reading material mentioned can be accessed via this link.

PE Transition Lesson with Mr Thomas

To complete the challenges in this lesson, you will need to wear your PE kit.

Dance Transition Lesson with Mrs Du Cros

Learn how to hand jive with our Head of Dance. For this lesson, your teacher may ask you to wear your PE kit. This video can be downloaded HERE. If you are happy to share a recording of your dance, email the footage to [email protected].org

Maths Transition Challenge with Miss Kearns

For this lesson you will need pen, paper and the courage to rise to a real challenge. Please email your efforts to

Religious Education Transition with Mr Dye

For this lesson you will need a pen, coloured paper, scissors, glue, colouring pencils, a ruler and a steady hand. Please send your completed challenges to [email protected]

Science Transition Lesson with Miss Smith

Warning – this lesson contains elephant toothpaste! To participate in this challenge you will need your own copy of this resource.

Geography Transition Lesson with Mrs Jones

For this challenge you will need a copy of this handout. You can also see the slides here.

History Transition Lesson with Mr Doherty

For this lesson you will need a pen and a copy of this handout. Please send a copy of any completed work to [email protected].org

Technology Transition Lesson with Mr Newton

For this lesson you will need a pencil, a 10cm piece of card, this solution sheet and a very steady hand. Please email your solution sheet and any pictures of your tangrams to [email protected].org

French Transition Lesson with Mme Brocklebank

For this lesson you will just need a pen and paper. Do share your completed with work by emailing

Drama Transition Lesson with the Drama Team

For this lesson you will need to work with other people (in a group or a pair) – don’t be afraid to rope in a parent or two should you need them!