ExtraTime clubs are run by teachers or external coaches for a duration of ten weeks starting in Terms 1, 3 and 5. Students can sign up to these clubs by completing the booking form on this page and paying via ParentPay. Only when both of these things are done is a place allocated.

Autumn clubs will start on Thursday 14th September 2023. Please sign up by 8am Monday 11th September. If a club is oversubscribed by this date, then names will be drawn from a hat. Please assume that your child has a place, we will only contact you if not.

Please let us know if your child will be absent for more than two weeks in a row.

See our FAQs at the bottom of the page and, if you have any further questions, please contact Mrs Bissett at [email protected].

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If you enjoy art and would like the opportunity to experiment with new techniques then this club is for you. Carol Harvey is a talented local artist who will support you to learn about techniques such as wax resists, gelatine printing, working with pastels and photo and masking tape transfers. You will also be able to work with Carol on your own projects. All materials are included. Everyone is welcome.

ART (open to all) Wednesday 3.20 – 4.10 £35 for 10 sessions

ART (open to all) Wednesday 4.10 – 5.00 £35 for 10 sessions

Carol Harvey – Art


We welcome back our badminton coach, Mustafa Raee, who is returning to run the much missed badminton club again.  Work with him to develop skills and game play in this supportive and developmental badminton club.  Open to all.

BADMINTON (open to all) Thursday 4.10-5.00 £35 for 10 sessions

Mustafa Raee - Badminton


Work in a sociable, supportive and safe environment to create a delicious supper. Liz Jones will guide you through the cooking process teaching you lifelong skills along the way. You will then sit down to eat with everyone and enjoy your main course and dessert together. The price includes all ingredients. Everyone is welcome.

COOKERY (open to all) Tuesday 3.30-5.00 £70 for 10 sessions

Liz Jones – Cookery


With our new dance teacher, Miss Fisher, you will explore a variety of dance styles including modern, contemporary, jazz & musical theatre.  Starting with some pre-choreographed dances, you will also have the opportunity to have an input into other styles, and music, as the term progresses.  The aim of the club is to have fun whilst trying out lots of different dance styles!  All abilities are welcome.

DANCE CREW (open to all) Wednesday 4.10-5.00 £35 for 10 sessions

Miss Fisher - Dance Crew


Work with Ben from Community Albums, who have a passion for giving people a voice and creating positive change in the lives of individuals. You will work on our digital production software using vocals and/or instruments to produce your own songs.

DIGITAL MUSIC PRODUCTION (open to all) Wednesday 3.20-4.15 £35 for 10 sessions

DIGITAL MUSIC PRODUCTION (open to all) Wednesday 4.15-5.15 £35 for 10 sessions

Ben Waddilove - Music Production


Work with highly experienced coach Carol Hicks to develop your skills, tactics and game play on our astroturf pitch. Carol focusses on coaching through the game so be prepared for a good run around after a long week at school! All levels are welcome.

HOCKEY (open to all) Friday 3.20-4.30 £35 for 10 sessions

Carol Hicks – Hockey


This is a fantastic opportunity to experience martial arts aimed at teenagers in a safe and fun setting led by our qualified instructor Jack Heritage. You will cover wado-ryu karate, self-defence and self-protection through warm up drills, partner and pad work. There is no experience necessary. You will wear school PE kit.

KARATE & SELF PROTECTION (open to all) Thursday 3.20-4.10 £35 for 10 sessions

KARATE & SELF PROTECTION (aimed at girls) Thursday 4.10-5.00 £35 for 10 sessions

Jack Heritage - Martial Arts


(The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) 

The aim of LAMDA is to provide the opportunity to improve self-expression, self-assurance and, most importantly, have fun.  The students work towards a qualification in the Autumn & Spring terms for which they take an exam at the end of Term 4. Starting in September, students are expected to commit to both of these blocks as they are part of a group play. If you have a main or chorus part in the Addams Family, you can still sign up for LAMDA and miss rehearsals when LAMDA sessions are happening.

LAMDA (Year 7) Tuesday 4.15-5.00 £35 for 10 sessions

LAMDA (Year 8) Tuesday 4.15-5.00 £35 for 10 sessions

LAMDA (Years 9/10) Tuesday 3.30-4.15 £35 for 10 sessions

LAMDA (Year 11) Tuesday 3.30-4.15 £35 for 10 sessions

Pippa Phillips – LAMDA
Miss Elvin - LAMDA


Origami (paper folding) is a skill which helps develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and mental concentration. Yen Yang will guide you through this traditional Japanese art fold by fold and progress your skills week by week. Everyone will have fun learning this skill and creating something beautiful to take home. All material provided. You will love it.

ORIGAMI (open to all) Thursday 3.20-4.10 £35 for 10 sessions

Yen-Yang Co – Origami


Using our new wheels, would you like to have a go at making your own pots, or hand-building clay to create your own pottery masterpiece? Local, experienced potter, Alison Townley, will be providing a club to teach you the skills and work with you to realise your ideas. Items can be fired in our school kiln. All materials will be provided.

POTTERY (Open to all) Monday 3.20-4.45pm £70 for 10 sessions

Alison Townley - Pottery


Coaching sessions in the squash courts with our highly qualified and experienced squash coach Jason Varrie. Learn this fast paced game where strength, agility, co-ordination and split second decision making are all necessary. Jason will develop your skills through drills and game play. This club is for both beginners and more experienced players and has small class numbers.

SQUASH (open to all) Wednesday 3.20-4.10 £35 for 10 sessions

SQUASH (open to all) Wednesday 4.10-5.00 £35 for 10 sessions

SQUASH (open to all) Wednesday 5.00-5.45 £35 for 10 sessions

Jason Varrie – Squash


Tennis coaching sessions with our experienced coach from Excel Tennis – Ryan Fitz-John. The sessions will be aimed at teaching you the core skills required to play tennis successfully. The sessions will have many elements to them from coach led exercises to partner based activities.  “Fun, enjoyable & educational is what we aim to achieve”.

TENNIS (open to all) Monday 3.20-4.10 £35 for 10 sessions

TENNIS (open to all) Monday 4.10-5.00 £35 for 10 sessions

Ryan Fitz-John - Tennis


Work with our coach Kate Gregory on our competition grade trampolines. Trampolining is great for your health and fitness and when you master that skill you’ve been persevering with, it’s a great feeling! This club is for both beginners and more experienced students. Places are limited at this club.

TRAMPOLINING (open to all) Tuesday 3.20-4.10 £35 for 10 sessions

TRAMPOLINING (open to all) Tuesday 4.10-5.00 £35 for 10 sessions

Kate Gregory – Trampolining


Young Writers is an opportunity to develop your writing skills in a supportive creative environment.

Over the course of the Autumn term, the Young Writers club will explore novel writing with Miss Skill before engaging in their own project of 5,000, 10,000 or 25,000 words. They will meet each week to read, write & critique each other’s work. The writing portion will take place over the 5 weeks of November, in line with National Novel Writing Month – an international event where writers young & old attempt to write or finish a writing project of up to 50,000 words.  Last year we wrote 112,000 words!

YOUNG WRITERS (open to all) Thursday 4.10-5.00 £35 for 10 sessions

Miss Skill - Creative Writing


FAQs: Frequently asked questions

Sign up to these clubs by completing the booking form on this page and paying via ParentPay.  Only when both of these things are done is a place allocated.

Yes.  Please tick the vouchers box on the booking form so we know where to look for the payment.

Yes. We do not want any child to miss out on Extra Time Clubs because of financial restraints.  If your child is in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant you are entitled to one club at 30% of the full price per term.  Please change the amount to the Pupil Premium price in the box on ParentPay for one of your clubs and Chipping Norton School will pay 70% towards that club.  Additional clubs should be paid at full price.

At present no, the late night bus service is not running.

If your child is attending a later club they can stay at school and use the ‘Study Zone’ facilities in the library or attend one of the other after-school clubs offered. Some children choose to go home and come back to school for later clubs.

Please assume your child does have a place at the club.  If the club is over-subscribed by the deadline then names will be drawn from a hat and we will contact you if they do not have a place.

All clubs have been risk assessed and measures have been put in place to reduce risk.  If you would like to see the risk assessment for a particular club please request it from [email protected]

For non sports clubs, school uniform should be worn. For sports clubs school PE kit should be worn. Students can use the PE changing rooms to get ready for their club.