Our Vision and Our Values

Our vision is to establish a school where everyone achieves and everyone belongs.

A Curriculum Built on Hope

Our entire curriculum is built around our hopeful values: hope in self, hope in others, and hope in the future. Our subjects explore the entire sweep of human history, discoveries and challenges, but we choose to draw attention to very small and very big human achievements in the face of adversity, or the potential of humans to solve all current and future challenges in their personal lives, or at local, national and global scales.

Winning Hearts and Minds

Successful communities are bound by common values and beliefs. At CNS, we try to be good people, with kind hearts and alert minds.

We aim to nurture young people who will live-out their entire lives with courage and compassion in their hearts. But also prosper from minds that are uniquely creative and forever curious.

Great examination results are the by-products and measure of our vision and values in action.

Our Curriculum Intent

Our seven-year and twenty-two-subject curriculum is bound by a common goal to reveal the awe and magic of existence and nurturing a hopeful outlook that is based on faith in humanity. In short, we seek inquisitive minds, kind hearts and free souls…

“All students will experience a broad and balanced curriculum that nurtures a compassionate, inclusive and hopeful vision of humanity and the future.

Our curriculum is ambitious for all children. It follows a carefully laid pathway that sequences and accumulates the knowledge and skills that fuel curious minds. We want all students to be lifelong explorers and creators of undiscovered knowledge. We believe this will happen if they possess the confidence to remember and the determination to make connections of their own.

The creative expression of our students’ uniqueness will be seen in the things they say, write, compose, design, create or perform. This will secure the education and qualifications of courageous young people who have the freedom to choose their own future.”

Our Improvement Priorities

Our improvement plan sets out how we are working tirelessly towards that goal of everyone achieving and everyone belonging. We are passionate in securing the provision of high-quality teaching and learning experiences that are ‘excellent as standard’. Whilst we emphasise the importance of high standards for all, we have prioritised curriculum renewal, staff development and quality assurance, on the progress and outcomes of those most at risk of underachievement.

We embrace a culture of very high expectations and therefore securing the highest standards of student attendance, punctuality, engagement, behaviour and attitudes. We know that students with the strongest sense of belonging are more likely to achieve. This is why our expectation of students will always be exceeded by the expectations we place on ourselves as the teachers and support staff at the school.

We regard reading for enjoyment and independent to be at the root of each student’s current and future success. Reading plays a central role in the life of the school and in our lessons in ways that gradually reduce dependence on adults and liberate each learner to become more confident and intrepid on their pursuit of knowledge and truth.

We are committed to ensuring that the physical environment provides modern and exciting places to study, socialise, and learn. Investing in physical spaces and equipment goes hand in hand with investment in traditional resources and the very latest IT, including superfast WiFi, large digital panel display units and Chromebooks.