Our Vision and Our Values

Motivated and inspired learning at every stage of school life

We will have a school where learners are motivated and inspired; where curiosity is sparked; and where we strive to be the best that we can be.


Vibrant and inspirational teaching

We will have vibrant and inspirational teaching that raises aspirations, challenges, engages and prepares every member of the school for life.


An environment that nurtures the best in everyone

We will create a shared environment where learners can be the best that they can be, in spaces which are safe, inspiring, welcoming and attractive and fit for purpose. The activity should define the space, not be constrained by it.


Consistently positive values and behaviours

All individuals will take personal responsibility for modelling positive values and behaviours, taking tough decisions when necessary, resulting in outstanding behaviour in all areas of life.


Supportive, strong, moral leadership

Our leaders will be supportive, strong and moral, forging and communicating a clear and purposeful vision. They will hold themselves and others to account, and create an inspirational and empowering environment for all.