At Chipping Norton School, we believe that homework plays an integral part in shaping a student’s learning journey. We hope to inspire a love of learning that extends beyond the classroom and so help instil in our students those skills that will lead to independence and expertise. The homework that we set will help students in their acquisition of essential knowledge and give students the time (and support) they need in order to practise.

As with all aspects of Teaching and Learning at CNS, we aim to make homework High TEMP. When setting homework, we will:

  • Set Tasks that encourage students to think.
  • Explain how a task should be completed by providing clear instructions.
  • Provide Models of what outcomes should look like or name the steps for success.
  • Create time for Practice and ‘lighten the load’ by providing scaffolds and supports where necessary.

All homework is set on Satchel One (formerly Show My Homework), a platform that helps students to organise their time and allows parents to see the tasks that have been set. As a guide, students should expect to spend the following amount of time on homework:

  • Students in Key Stage 3 can expect to complete approximately 60 minutes of homework for five nights per week during term time. Individual tasks might be short 15 minute homeworks if set weekly, or longer 30 minute tasks if set fortnightly.
  • Students in Key Stage 4 can expect to complete approximately 90 minutes of homework for five nights per week during term time.  Individual tasks might be short 20 to 25 minute taks if set every lesson, or longer 45 minute tasks if set weekly.
  • Students in Key Stage 5 can expect to complete approximately 6 hours of private study per subject each week during term time.

Our departments have their own internal policies that follow the principles outlined here. If your child ever requires assistance with their homework, we run many homework clubs and clinics. Please contact the respective Head of Department to find out more about the support that is available. Show My Homework is also a quick and easy way for your child to contact their teacher and ask a question should they need any additional guidance.

If you have any general questions about homework, please do get in contact with Mr Gent, our lead for Teaching and Learning at [email protected]