Year 9

Head of Year 9

Ms L Hopkins is Head of Year 9 at Chipping Norton School. The role of a Head of Year is to work closely within school and with outside agencies to ensure the safety and wellbeing (safeguarding) of all students.

Year 9 Pastoral Assistant

Mrs M Hargrave is the Pastoral Assistant for year 9. Mrs Hargrave is based in the Heads of Year Office and is available to support students throughout the day.

The Year 9 Team

Dr J Pattison
Mr R Long
Ms L Dunn
Mrs F Nicholas
Ms H Skill
Ms C Richmond
Mrs C Hartley

Equipment List for school

  • Black pen – all exam boards now require students to write in black ink.
  • Green pen – to clearly show development and progress in work.
  • Calculator – available via the maths department.
  • Reading book
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Rubber
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Colouring pencils


Students will receive postcards home if they have worked hard in a specific subject. They may also be nominated to receive an award in the termly celebration assembly. Subjects may also write a letter to parents to celebrate a student’s success.

Top Tips for Success in Year 9

Communication with school is really important. Parents should continue contact their child’s tutor in the first instance; this can be via the student planners, telephone or e-mail.

There are several key dates during this school year for your diary:

  • Options Evening 28 February 2019(7pm)
  • Parent Teacher Consultation Evening 7 March 2019 (4:45 – 7pm)
  • Options Deadline 22 March 2019

There will also be a subject report towards the end of the year.We encourage all students to be involved in their school by joining one of the many clubs. This provides a perfect opportunity to meet new friends with shared interests.


In year 9 students should expect approximately 7-8 hours homework per week. All homework should be recorded on the Show My Homework website/app. Some departments will set larger project-type homework which may take longer.

It is really important to create good habits regarding homework in year 9, as teachers will want to see a strong work ethic, especially as you may want to choose the subject for GCSE next year. If your child does not have set homework, please encourage them to read or even check over work they have finished. This will develop their ability to critique and improve their own work and subsequently understand the best way to answer in exam situations.


Students in year 9 will have assessments throughout the year to make sure they are on schedule to reach their full potential. In all subjects they will be assessed through multiple choice assessment to give clear feedback on their progress.