Exam results and performance data*

CNS continues to celebrate strong performance at GCSE and A level. These results are secured through the combined hard work and commitment of students, parents and carers and the staff at our school.

KS4 performance data summary 2022

Progress 8+0.25
Attainment 855.6
% of all grades that were 9-736
% of all grades that were 9-484
% Standard Pass English and Maths (Grades 9-4)82
% Strong Pass English and Maths (Grades 9-5)66
% of pupils entered22
% of pupils achieved19
% of pupils staying in education or employment with training98

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KS5 performance data summary 2022

% A*- A39
% A*- B69
% A*- C92
% A*- E100
Average gradeB
Student retention
(% of students completing their study programme)
Student destinations
(% of students who continue in education or training or who move into employment)
(2020 leavers)

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Please see below for more detailed results over time 

(please note that the 2020 and 2021 data is from teacher assessed grades due to the removal of examinations in these years)

GCSE Results

Attainment 8 All48.548.451.955.155.6
Attainment 8 Disadvantaged26.935.634.247.145.7
% 7 to 9 grades23%21%28%30%36%
% 4 to 9 English and Maths69%77%79%86%82%
% 5 to 9 English and Maths53%54%60%62%66%
% 4 to 9 English (pass)76%83%87%94%92%
% 5 to 9 English (strong pass)65%70%72%74%82%
% 7 to 9 English33%30%33%36%52%
% 4 to 9 Maths (pass)76%82%85%88%87%
% 5 to 9 Maths (strong pass)59%62%67%70%70%
% 7 to 9 Maths34%22%32%39%34%
% One or more science GCSEs71%71%83%84%88%
% Two or more science GCSEs60%63%74%78%80%

A-level Results

A levels20182019202020212022
% A* to A24%25%33%49%39%
% A* to B53%50%59%75%69%
% A* to C71%70%87%92%92%
% A* to E99%100%100%100%100%

* Given the uneven impact of the pandemic on school and college performance data, the government has said you should not make direct comparisons between the performance data for one school or college and another, or to data from previous years.