ParentPay is an online payment system for schools and is Chipping Norton School’s preferred method of payment. It allows parents to pay quickly and securely for items such as school meals, trips and activities. Help and guidance is available on the ParentPay website

Additional information and access details can be obtained from Chipping Norton School finance department using [email protected]. Chipping Norton School uses the Nationwide Retail Systems (NRS) Trust-e Cashless Catering System. This system fully integrates with ParentPay and allows you to view the purchases made in the school canteen and the current meal card balance for your child via your ParentPay account.  Please note, each child will have a daily canteen spend limit of £5.00.  If you feel you would like to lower or raise this amount then please email your child’s name, tutor group and required daily spend limit to the finance department and the limit will be adjusted.Your support in using ParentPay will help the school enormously.