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Complete Maths Tutor Online Platform

Chipping Norton Maths Department strongly believes that every student can achieve success in mathematics. Our curriculum is designed so that we can encourage our students to approach mathematical problems with courage, creativity and confidence. We encourage students to embrace the challenge of mathematics and we communicate the belief that with determination & perseverance mathematical concepts will be mastered by all. We are always looking at strategies to further support our students. All New Year 7 students will get access to Complete Maths Tutor which is an online tutoring package that helps students to become confident mathematicians. The online package follows a familiar process that is proven to be the most effective way of 1 -1 tutoring. The process involves the following key aspects:

  1. Students complete a ‘Readiness Quiz’ which covers the prerequisite knowledge students need to complete the topic
  2. Teacher instruction is delivered by students watching a short video
  3. Paired Modelling – teacher models a question and then the student has an opportunity to work through a similar question
  4. Quiz to test the knowledge and a Quiz to cover previous material.

Students will be able to access the online tutoring package from 30th June onwards and students will be given a short demonstration during their maths lesson on either 30th June or 1st July. I also strongly recommend that you watch the two 3 minute videos below which summarises the key features of the online tutor package and the Parent App.

  1. Outlining the Complete Maths Tutor movement
  2. An introduction and tour of  the Parent App which can give parents an insight into the maths their child is doing.

We wish to give every New Year 7 student the opportunity to log on to their Tutor portal and do some maths during the remainder of Term 6 and also over the summer holiday. Each student will be assigned to the ‘Secondary Ready Course’ which students can work through at their own pace. It is of course important that all students are able to switch off from school work during the summer break, but we are aware that many students may wish to spend some time each week doing some maths that will help them with the transition to secondary school. We suggest that students spend approx. 1 hour each week on their tutor portal. Students can make the choice of either working through the Secondary Ready Course or completing the Diagnostic Quiz which will then allow students to focus on areas of maths which will have the most impact on their future progress.

The login details are

Username and password 22 followed by surname followed by first initial followed by cns. Please note that this is in lowercase.

For example if John Brown was a new student at Chipping Norton School his username and password would be 22brownjcns

If your child’s surname is a double barrelled then just miss out the hyphen e.g. John Brown-Smith would be 22brownsmithjcns

How can parents make the package more cost effective for our school?

There will be no cost to parents in enrolling your child to Complete Maths Tutor however, parents can help the school by signing up for the Tutor Parent App. The more parents that sign up, the cheaper the cost of the package will be to the school. The Parent App will give you an insight into your child’s maths progress and you can share this with other interested members of your family such as grandparents, uncles and aunties of your child.

To create your account, point your phone’s camera at the square QR code on the right — this will take you to a sign-up page. Once you have created your account, you can link it to your child’s account using the unique token found on their account dashboard. 


To find out more about the Parent Pledge, and how you can use TUTOR to support your child’s maths learning at home, you can watch a webinar that can be found at

In summary The Complete Maths Tutor package will help your child become an increasingly confident mathematician. Everyone can achieve success in maths and we hope that our wonderful new students will demonstrate the desire and enthusiasm to help themselves get ready for the secondary maths curriculum by spending an hour a week on their Tutor portal.

If you would like further information please contact Mr Thrower (Head of Maths) [email protected]

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