Year 7 students rise to the ‘Tenner Challenge’

The Year 7s were given £10 and challenged to use this money to raise as much money as possible for a charity of their choice in just 4 weeks.

The students worked in small groups and earned money by a variety of means, including selling cakes, walking dogs, and organising plant sales.  There were several cake sales at school but most students raised money at home or in their local areas.

The students raised a large amount of money for many individual charities. The top three groups were Cookie Monster (£270), Biscuit Bonanza (£300) and The Cupcake Crewe and Cookies Too (£404).  Well done to Cerys Moss, Harley-Jane Walkden, Isabel Turner and Poppy Wareham Valler.

All the students had great fun, raising funds for their favourite charities and learning how to be young entrepreneurs.


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