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Headteacher’s Letter Monday 7th September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

Between us all, we seem to have started the term really well. In broad terms, the zones across the school are working and everyone appears to have got the hang of it pretty quickly. However, we continue to learn a little more each day about what works and what needs a few more tweaks.  A small group of us meet each week to review the health and safety aspects of the reopening and so please be reassured we shall not take our eye off the ball during these early days and weeks. The website carries both the reopening guidance booklet and the more comprehensive risk assessment.

Spare a thought

One of the most common ‘new’ sights along our corridors is the movement of teachers and their trolleys across the site in search of their next class. Resembling flight passengers or attendants, the reopening of our school places the greatest pressure on those teachers who are setting up and then moving on to as many as six classrooms each day. This is why we will all need to keep a close eye on how that is working out because if they are not on top form then everything else is affected.

Working together

It really helps when our students are as understanding, cooperative, courteous and friendly as they have been since the reopening. It really is a great school full of really kind and friendly people and this means that we can get back to normal pretty quickly and with minimal fuss.

New staff

Our new staff really have been thrown into the deep end but are swimming admirably. By way of a reminder, Mrs De Bruyn (former Head of our outstanding Sixth Form) and Mrs Armistead have joined the Leadership Team and their presence will greatly add to our capacity to ensure excellence really is standard in our school. Meanwhile, Ms Maybank and Ms Graham provide maternity cover for Mrs Rootham and Mrs Millar. In science, we have expanded the team and welcome the very experienced Mrs George, whilst RE has a new Head of Department in Mr Dye because Mr Ward has stepped into the role of Head of Sixth Form.

And finally…

At the start of term, I received the September edition of Chippy News. I understand that the traditional paper copies are at last back on local shelves (for 50p) and after reading through its content feel in awe of what the team of news volunteers produce for this community. In this month’s edition there are…

School updates;

  • Interviews with the Town Mayor and Deputy Mayor;
  • Detailed information and helpful insights on the local housing plans;
  • Pollution and speed limit updates;
  • Updates on community groups that have been so active in recent months;
  • A summary of one of our student’s campaign with the Prime Minister;

It reminds me how quickly we get used to great things in our community. As someone who does not live in the town, I do feel very envious of such independent publications that really connect all the things that are happening in an area.

Until I write to you again next Monday, thank you again for all of your support and encouragement in recent days.

Yours faithfully

Mr Doherty

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