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Headteacher’s Letter Friday 5 May 2023

Dear Parents and Carers

I am writing this to you at the end of the first day of our inspection. Whilst the busyness made it tempting to avoid writing to you this week, I could not miss out on the only opportunity I might have to share information about local events in good time – and to provide details of a new service for families…

Coronation Weekend – Pop Up Skatepark

You may recall a letter earlier this year in which I described the effort of three CNS students (Joe Priestley, Joe Darlow and Isaac Kedward) to secure a skatepark. Isaac has asked me to draw your attention to a fantastic event due to be held at New Street Recreation Area (Chippy Park) – organised by Chipping Norton Town Council to mark the Coronation of King Charles III.

Between 2:00pm and 7:00pm on Sunday 7 May, there will be a picnic in the park for families, a performance ‘busk-stop’ as well as the main event… a pop-up skatepark.

The Town Council has commissioned Rollback World to organise a day of wheeled activities, including: skateboarding, scooting, BMX-ing and rollerblading. The activities will be open to everyone – either to participate or watch in awe.

Free Local Exhibition

Marina Colville has become a great friend of CNS with the support of her charity, ‘Sculpture at Kingham Lodge’. In recent times, they have fully funded two brand new potter’s wheels, and provided free pottery workshops for year 4 children in our local primary schools, on an annual basis.

We are therefore delighted and eager to promote their latest exhibition, that will be held at Kingham Lodge between 20 and 29 May 2023. Over four hundred sculptures are displayed in five acres of beautiful gardens.  Set amongst pieces from professional and amateur artists will be some of the work from our CNS Extra-Time pottery club, so look out for that!

The proceeds of the exhibition are used for a variety of charities.  This includes an art outreach programme that funds art events and activities for our local schools.  We were fortunate to receive help to buy the two new pottery wheels last year, and also to be able to put on an annual event for the 10 partnership primary schools to bring their Year 4 pupils to a pottery workshop at CNS.

Please do go along to Kingham to visit, details to plan your trip can be found by clicking here.

Living Well with Neurodiversity

When we talk about neurodiversity, we recognize that there is no one “normal” or “correct” way for the brain to work. While neurodivergent individuals may face challenges in certain areas, they also have unique strengths and abilities that can be harnessed and celebrated.

We know that being the parent or carer of children with autism, ADHD and dyslexia, for instance, can be a difficult and lonely experience. Which is why we are so keen to share news of this new support service for parents and carers. The service offers online courses and workshops, as well as opportunities for families to connect with one another.

Regarding Ofsted, I will of course be in touch next week and in the meantime, do have a wonderful bank holiday weekend as we celebrate the coronation of King Charles III.


Yours faithfully

Barry Doherty

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