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Headteachers letter 2 September 2020

Wednesday 2 September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers


That’s it; we are back up and running! The Year 7s arrived this morning with very little fuss and have enjoyed a full day with their new tutor and several lessons as well. We hope they arrive home with plenty of stories about their new classmates and staff that build further excitement and enthusiasm for tomorrow. Attendance was also superb – and long may that continue!


There will be a large number of staff out and about first thing to help steer your children towards the correct entry points tomorrow morning. We hope that each year group knows which doorway is reserved for their year group and that all will arrive from the Burford Road side before being guided in the right direction. As a reminder:

Year 7s: Old Entrance

Year 8s: Main Hall

Year 9s: Via Art / K4

Year 10s: Via Music / H2 (not via D4 as previously indicated)

Year 11s: Via the Science Courtyard

Sixth Form: Via their own entrance!

Once through their doorway they will need to go to the correct tutor room. Below is the list of our tutors and the rooms your children will use each morning.

Year 7s Year 8s Year 9s Year 10s Year 11s VI Form
Mrs Deans (A2)

Mr Blois (A11)

Mr Newton (A10)

Mr Johnson (A3)

Mr Jarvis/ Mrs Lee (A8)

Mrs Avery (A5)

Miss Miles (A1)

Miss Ashdown (E1)

Mr Thomas (E4)

Miss Bigland-Coles (E2)

Ms Maybank (E5)

Mrs Tandy (E3)

Mr Hall (E6)

Miss Pinfold (K1)

Mr Burgess (K2)

Mr McPhillips (F1)

Miss Kearns (F3)

Mr Mativenga (K3)

Mr Liddament (F8)

Dr Pattison (D5)

Mr Long (D6)

Ms Dunn (D7)

Ms Skill (D9)

Miss Richmond (D10)

Mrs Hartley (D1)

Mr James (G2)

Miss Johnston (G9)

Mr Turvey (G6)

Mrs Walker (G4)

Mrs Brocklebank (G11)

Mr Brown (G10)

Mr McGibbon / Mrs Thomas (SF6)

Mrs Fisher / Mrs Duffy (L8)

Mr Dye (L6)

Mr Baker (L9)

Mrs Eakins (L4)

Mrs Heath (L5)

Mrs Gray / Mrs Drinkwater (SF8)

Mrs Corley (L10)




School Buses and Public Transport

To a large extent, those initial bus journeys will be beyond our control but we hope that the information on wearing face coverings is clear and that all students will calmly follow the instructions given by each driver tomorrow. In the afternoon, we shall ensure all of your children get back on the right bus and not let any buses leave until we are confident all are aboard.

Dropping Off and Picking Up

We know the temptation is to drop your children off on the site or very close by. This is why I have tried to encourage as much walking or more distant dropping off so that the site does not become congested and generate additional risks. There will be more students arriving at the front of the school for a period (due to the rear gates being locked initially) and so we shall all need a team effort to keep the immediate area near the school as uncongested as possible.

Back to School Guidance Booklet

Our guide for families remains on the website and is attached again with this letter for convenience. We hope it contains all the answers to the most important questions you might have right now.

And finally…

With record numbers of both Year 7 and Year 12 students this year, combined with the finest body of staff I have ever worked with, we have every reason to be very confident that we can build on the huge successes enjoyed by our Year 11 and Year 13 students just a few weeks ago. We go again this week with renewed confidence and will do everything we can to secure the huge potential of our new Year 11s and Year 13s and all other students. Our staff are focused and highly trained. Our classroom practices are sharply defined around the teaching and learning approaches that work. Yes, this is an odd time but the familiar return of eager students will generate a momentum of its own as the autumn term gets underway.

I shall be in touch next week but in the meantime if you have any question please get in touch with me or any of my colleagues.

Yours faithfully


Mr Doherty


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