Head’s Letter 15 February 2019

Dear Parents and Carers

Things look slightly different with this week’s letter. We hope that you like the new school badge and its combination of old and new. You will note how the iconic bell tower has been retained and how our established houses, named after local rivers, have been symbolised.
As I have laid out in previous letters, education at CNS is now centred on a knowledge-rich curriculum (symbolised by the open book) so that students are empowered to think and be creative. Knowledge is the fuel of thought.

Year 11 Food Technology

Staff visitors were blown away by the quality of the final menus created by our Year 11 Food Technology students. Mrs Brown has worked so hard with her students and is rightly proud of their effort and commitment to prepare and present their fabulous work last week. Please enjoy these mouth-watering examples.

Uniform Consultation

Thank you so far for the early responses to the uniform consultation. Early indicators are that many parents and carers are keen to keep our badged PE shorts given their price and easy availability and therefore we are more inclined to move in that direction.
The proposal around skirts is very broadly supported as a means to either end any confusion or find opportunities to select a better garment. A number have suggested we select a pleated grey skirt. However, there seems little enthusiasm to introduce a trousers-only policy from the responses we’ve seen so far.
In terms of a transition time, we would permit all purchased uniform to be worn amongst our current students and therefore it would not be until September 2023 that we would insist on all new uniform and PE kit being worn by current students.
Please continue to submit any comments to: office@chipping-norton.oxon.sch.uk by Friday 8th March 2019.

School Ties

We’ve all been waiting some time for the arrival of additional school ties. I am told they are now available on-line and that if you click to have them sent to school then there is no charge for delivery. Plus, the tie will be ready for collection first thing next Monday when the new term starts.

Confirmed 2019/20 Term Dates

Next year’s school term dates will appear on our website shortly. But for ease the dates appear below:

  • Term 1: Tuesday 3rd September to Wednesday 23rd October 2019.
  • Term 2: Monday 4th November to Thursday 19th December 2019.
  • Term 3: Monday 6th January 2020 to Friday 14th February 2020.
  • Term 4: Monday 24th February 2020 to Friday 3rd April 2020.
  • Term 5: Monday 20th April to Friday 22nd May 2020.
  • Term 6: Monday 1st June to Friday 17th June 2020.
  • INSET Days: 2nd September 2019, 24th & 25th October 2019 and 20th & 21st July 2020.

The Big Conversation

In Years 7 to 10 assemblies this week I have been summarising all of the topics that we wish students to engage in as we think about the future. Not just uniform (!) but also rewards, reports, facilities, character, homework and the four houses. Every tutor group’s student council representative will also have three weeks to gather their group’s views so that we can do everything possible to listen to and then either respond to or be mindful towards the views of everyone.

The Hills Are Alive…Good luck to Mr Miles, Mrs du Cros and Mr Hopkins as they lead the ski trip to Zell-am-See in Austria today for a week. Very envious!

Yours sincerely
Barry Doherty