Summer School 2021

The summer school, which will run between 8:45am and 2:00pm, between Monday 23rd and Friday 27th August 2021. The theme of the week will be ‘wonder’ and a focus on our school values: courage, compassion, creativity and curiosity. 

Each morning there will be two lessons from English, mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics. The science lessons will be very practical in nature and based in the laboratories, carrying out experiments. There will be an extended break at about 11am in which students can socialise or choose to take part in football on the MUGA, rounders on the field, or badminton in the hall.

There will be a visit to the Chipping Norton Theatre to watch the film Wonder on the Friday morning. There will be an outdoor celebration event and family picnics from midday on the Friday – with an ice cream van.

The summer school will be completely free of charge to all families.

We have tried to anticipate all of your questions and therefore have provided an FAQs section below. Should there be anything else you need to know then simply email [email protected] and one of us will promptly get back to you with an answer.

We are very excited about the summer school and have been delighted with the initial level of interest from 65% of families. We hope our more detailed outline will help that number continue to grow because we feel that this event has the potential to ensure your children make the perfect start to life at CNS.

  • Mainly to help each child’s transition from primary to secondary school.
  • Having the building to themselves for a whole week, meeting new staff and getting used to the site will help reduce anxieties about September and build confidence for the year ahead. It will build on the Year 6 Induction Day that is taking place on Friday 9 July.
  • The summer school will also help induct students into our routines and values of courage, compassion, curiosity and creativity. This will build on the Year 6 Taster Lessons that are running between April and July.
  • Children will also be able to make new friends and try out lessons and activities for the every first time.
  • And finally, parents and carers can meet and chat with staff on an informal basis at the start and end of each day – because they may have their own angst and questions as well. This will build on the Year 7 Welcome Evening that is taking place on Thursday 8 July.
  • Children can start arriving, or be dropped off, from about 8:30am each day, but the formal start of the day begins at 9:00am.
  • We shall provide free light breakfast items (juice and croissants) until about 8:55am.
  • Each day will begin with a carefully selected short story being read to the students by either Mr Doherty (headteacher) or Mrs De Bruyn (assistant headteacher). This is a chance to enjoy a shared experience and memory, but also draw attention to the values we treasure most at CNS: compassion, curiosity, creativity and courage.
  • Students will then have two sixty-minute lessons before the first break, followed by an extended enrichment session (two hours) after the break.
  • Every morning there will be two lessons.
  • Throughout the week, they will have a total of two English lessons, two mathematics lessons, one biology practical lesson, one chemistry practical lesson and one practical physics lesson. All of those lessons will be connected to the theme of ‘wonder’.
  • They will also have a treasure hunt activity that will involve working in teams to explore the school site and compete for the treasure hunters’ prize to be awarded on Friday afternoon.
  • After morning lessons, and before the afternoon enrichment session, everyone will have a forty-minute break.
  • During that time, children can just relax and chat with old and new friends. Or join others to have a game of badminton (in the sports hall), football (on the MUGA), or rounders (on the sports field).
  • You do not need to book ahead for the morning break activities and instead we encourage all children to just try a bit of everything over the course of the week.
  • Each afternoon session is almost two hours long – plenty of time to become absorbed in two of the activities on offer.
  • Children will take part in two activities over the week – spending a total of four hours on each activity.
  • The booking process allows parents and carers to identify their child’s preferred activities from the following list: art, dance, drama, squash, trampolining, table tennis and healthy cookery. We shall try our best to make sure everyone gets their first, second or third choices – but we have to avoid very small or very big groups.
  • Teaching staff at CNS will take all of the morning lessons. This means they are very experienced, are DBS checked, and may end up being your child’s teacher next year!
  • Afternoon enrichment sessions will be taken by one of the Extra Time coaches. Extra Time coaches are also known to and employed by the school. They also have full DBS checks undertaken in advance.
  • All other staff involved in any part of the week will be employees at CNS.
  • We are also taking on six sixth formers to act as guides and mentors throughout the week. We value the importance of promoting role models. Older students also offer another way for your children to feel confident about asking questions. It also means that they will all know some of the ‘big ones’ when they arrive in September.
  • Yes, the booking process allows for children to name other children they would like to be with throughout the week.
  • We have a secure site and there will be no visitors permitted on those parts of the site being used by the summer school.
  • All of the teaching and enrichment staff are fully DBS-checked and have competed all of the necessary safeguarding training. This means that they know what to do in the event of a disclosure or concern.
  • Mrs De Bruyn (assistant headteacher) will be a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) on duty each day.
  • In keeping with our normal health and safety polices, we shall make contact with parents and carers if there is a minor or more serious injury or concern.
  • A range of CNS staff will be available at the start and end of the day to talk to parents and carers.
  • Students will not be permitted to leave the site unless their parent or carer has either given permission to go home alone, or has picked them up as planned. We shall stay until every child has been picked up!
  • All participating children will be given, free of charge, a bright hoodie with the summer school logo, a PE kit bag and a branded water bottle. This hoodie will help identify the children but also foster group identity and provide a lovely keepsake as well. All of these will be distributed on arrival on day one.
  • All staff and sixth formers will also be wearing the hoodies for easy identification.
  • We suggest that students wear comfortable clothing. Trainers, shorts and t-shirts are all fine. No flip flops or sandals please.
  • We strongly recommend that all students have sun cream and a sun hat because many of the activities will be outside.
  • All children will be given a free hoodie as part of their ‘summer school uniform’.
  • All participants will receive a hoodie with the summer school logo (please indicate the preferred size during the booking process), a PE kit bag and water bottle.
  • Free light breakfast items will be available between 8:30am and 8:55am. In addition, we shall provide water top-ups at breaktime.
  • All children entitled to a free school meal will receive a tasty packed lunch each day. We shall be in touch with you separately to help you pick from the wide the selection available.
  • If other families forget, or are running late, then just let us know first thing and we will take care of it for you. No child will go hungry.
  • The Friday will be an unusual day and, we hope, top off a memorable week.
  • In the morning, we shall escort the group down to Chipping Norton Theatre. They will be watching the film, Wonder, which will also be the book studied in the English lessons during the course of the week. Even though the visit is very local we shall need you to provide consent in the normal way and this is all done via the on-line booking process.
  • In the afternoon, there will be a celebration event. We hope it will be on the field and invite families to bring a picnic with them and join us on the field, as we play some music and then give out prizes. There will be an ice cream van on the site as well should families wish to make any additional purchases.
  • Parents and carers are invited to bring their own children (aged 0-11) with them on that day, plus any other children who currently attend CNS. In order to ensure site security and safeguarding, anyone over the age of 11 who is not a student at CNS is unable to join us that afternoon.