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Key stage 5

A LEVEL Sociology is a two year linear course.  There is no course work requirement.

Y12–  students will study:

  • Education with methods in context.
  • Exploring the role of education in society with indepth review of sociological methods.
  • Research methods.
  • Examining the tools and techniques sociologists use to collect evidence about an aspect of social life or the causes of a social event. Students undertake their own small scale research.
  • Family and Households.
  • Examining the formation of the family and the relation to the social structure, nature of childhoold and changes in the Family.

Y13 – students will study:

  • Global Development.
  • Exploring global development, what is development all about? We examine the role of the Western states, and the processes of economic, political and cultural globalisation.
  • Crime and Deviance.
  • Examining crime and deviance from its historical origins to modern and postmodern ideologies. The theories of crime and deviance, globalisation, crime control, state crime, mass media and crime, the role of the Criminal Justice system.
  • Theory and Methods.
  • Examining sociological theories and their explanations for social life, consensus and conflict theories are studied as well as postmodern and interactionist approaches.

A level

(AQA examination board)

Students at the end of year 13 will sit three separate 2 hour exams, each exam is 80 marks and each paper represents a third of the A level qualification.

  • Paper one Education with theory and methods
  • Paper two Topics in Sociology
  • Families and Households
  • Global Development
  • Paper three Crime and Deviance with theory and methods.

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