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Philosophy & Buddhism

Key Stage 5 (OCR H573 Religious Studies A Level)

The A level Religious Studies course involves thinking deeply about what gives life meaning and purpose. Candidates will consider the dilemmas of life, death, relationships, violence and money. The year 1 and year 2 course both involve preparing for 3 examination papers: philosophy of religion, philosophy of ethics and Buddhism.


Philosophy of Religion (Unit H573/01)

  • Ancient philosophical influences on philosophy of religion of Religion
  • Soul, mind and body
  • Arguments for God based on observation
  • The ontological argument
  • Religious experience
  • The problem of evil

Philosophy of Ethics (Unit H573/02)

  • Natural Law
  • Situation Ethics
  • Kantian Ethics
  • Utilitarianism
  • Euthanasia
  • Business Ethics

Buddhism (Unit H573/06)

  • The Buddha
  • Taking Refuge
  • Samsara
  • The three marks of existence
  • The four noble truths


Philosophy of Religion (Unit H573/01)

  • The attributes of God
  • Religious language: Negative, Analogical or Symbolic
  • Religious language: 20th century perspectives
  • Component revision

Philosophy of Ethics (Unit H573/02)

  • Meta-ethics: Is ethical language meaningful?
  • Conscience
  • Sexual ethics
  • Component Revision

Buddhism (Unit H573/06)

  • Meditation
  • Madhyamaka and Prajnaparamita
  • Buddhism in the Far East
  • Buddhism in the West
  • Engaged Buddhism and Activism
  • Buddhism and Gender
  • Component revision 100% Examination

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