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Modern Foreign Languages

Key Stage 5

A level – AQA examination board

The new A2 French and German course has been designed to give a profound understanding of your chosen language and students will not only learn about the mechanics of the language, for example, the grammar and vocabulary, but also how people live and use the language on a day to day basis. Students must obtain the minimum requirement of GCSEs to access an A level course i.e. 7 GCSE grades 4-9 and a grade 6 for their chosen A level language option of French or German. An interest in a range of social, cultural and contemporary topics is important.

Students will study: Current trends: family, cyber society, voluntary work Current Issues: diverse society, life for the marginalised, crime and punishment Political and artistic culture: heritage, music, cinema, teenage and politics, demonstration and strikes, politics and immigration A film and a literary text from the specification

A level Examination details:

  • Exam 1 Listening, reading and translations, English- French and French- English A2
  • Exam 1 40% 2 ½ hour exam
  • Exam 2 Two essays, one text and one film or two texts A2
  • Exam 2 30% 2 hour exam
  • Exam 3 Speaking exam, individual research project and one sub theme from the specification
  • Exam 3 30% 20 minute exam plus preparation time

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