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Key Stage 5

Students at Key Stage 5 complete the 2 year A-Level Drama and Theatre course following the AQA syllabus. This requires the students to have a detailed understanding and application of a range of practitioners

Component 1-Drama and theatre-At A-Level we study 2 set texts, Antigone by Sophocles and Our Country’s Good by Timberlake Wertenbaker. Students complete a written exam and need to be able to explain and interpret these texts from the perspective of a director, performer and a range of designers. There are also opportunities for multiple theatre visits which students will evaluate and justify their understanding of a performance.

Component 2-Creating original drama-Students are influenced by and use the methodologies of one prescribed practitioner in order to devise their own performance. Throughout the process students maintain a working notebook to analyse their work to aid their development. Students can contribute to the piece as a performer, designer or director.

Component 3-Making theatre– Practical exploration and interpretation of three extracts (Extract 1, 2 and 3) each taken from a different play. Extract 3 is performed as a final assessed piece with a visiting examiner from AQA and the methodology of a prescribed practitioner is applied. Students also present a reflective report analysing and evaluating their theatrical interpretation of all three extracts.

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