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Business Studies

Key Stage 5 – A’ Level

A Level Business is a very popular option at Chipping Norton. There is no requirement to have studies Business at GCSE and the course the aims to enable students to develop an enthusiasm for studying business.

They will gain a holistic understanding of business operates in a range of contexts. Develop a critical understanding of organisations and their ability to meet society’s needs and wants, while understand that business behaviour can be studied from a range of perspectives. Students are encouraged to generate enterprising and creative approaches to business opportunities, problems and issues. They will need to be aware of the ethical dilemmas and responsibilities faced by organisations and individuals and acquire a range of relevant business and generic skills, including decision making, problem solving, the challenging of assumptions and critical analysis

The A Level in Business is structured into four themes and consists of three externally examined papers.

Students are introduced to business in Themes 1 and 2 through building knowledge of core business concepts and applying them to business contexts to develop a broad understanding of how businesses work. Breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding, with applications to a wider range of contexts and more complex business information, are developed in Themes 3 and 4, requiring students to take a more strategic view of business opportunities and issues.

Students are encouraged to use an enquiring, critical and thoughtful approach to the study of business, to understand that business behaviour can be studied from a range of perspectives and to challenge assumptions.

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