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Post-results services: information for summer 2022

Review of Marking

The process of appealing grades with exam boards is called a review of marking or a review of results, for ease we have referred to the process as review of marking in this document. All reviews carry fees, and these are charged to you at cost, fees vary depending on the examination board used.

Exam boards have asked that only those students in Year 13 who need to appeal a grade as a matter of priority (because their university place is dependent on it) do so before September.

Please note that exam boards do not re-mark your work, they simply check the calculations are correct (the adding up of your marks up has been done correctly etc.) during a clerical check, and check the marking criteria has been applied correctly by the examiner who marked your paper, during a review of marking.

During any review of marking, or clerical check, results could go up, or down, or stay the same.

This means, if your marks (and grade) go down you will not keep the higher result, and an appeal cannot be withdrawn once a decision has been made.

Summary of deadlines for CNS, exam board deadlines are shown in the table. Our deadline allows 2 days for processing your request.

Priority review of marking services – 23 August 2022
Review of marking services – 27 September 2022
Access to scripts to make a decision about a review of marking A level – 29 August, GCSE – 6 September 2022

Post-results service Details of the service
Clerical re-check
Clerical re-check with access to a copy of the re-checked script
This is a re-check of all clerical procedures leading to the issue of a result. This service will include the following checks:
• that all parts of the script have been marked
• the totalling of marks
• the recording of marks
Review of marking
Review of marking with access to a copy of the re-checked script
This is a post-results review of the original marking to ensure that the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly... Reviewers will not re-mark the script. They will only act to correct any errors identified in the original marking. This service will include:
• the clerical re-checks detailed in the clerical service
• a review of marking as described above
Deadline - 29 September
Priority Service Review of marking
Priority Service Review of marking with access to a copy of the re-checked script
This is the same as the service above but the review is conducted as a priority by the awarding body. This service is only available for GCE A-level qualifications where a student needs the result of a review for their university place Priority service deadline - 25 August 2022
Review of moderation This is a review of the original moderation to ensure that the assessment criteria have been fairly, reliably and consistently applied. It is not a re-moderation of an individual candidates’ work, the only work reviewed will be that in the original sample. This service is not available to individual candidates, the Centre must decide to apply for this service on behalf of candidates.
Access to scripts – A copy of a script to support review of marking This is a non-priority service to request copies of scripts to support teaching and learning, teaching staff will use this service if they ask you if you will help in this way.
We must have your permission, we will not apply to see your script without your permission. Deadline 29 September CNS 27 September

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